Must the Packers defense be better than the offense?

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (WBAY) - Here at the Super Bowl I’ve asked plenty of people about Mike McCarthy’s comments at the end of the year that he needs his defense to be better than the offense.

It sounds counter-intuitive with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, but the last time the Packers won a Super Bowl the defensive unit was ranked higher than the offensive unit. And when Brett Favre won a Super Bowl in Green Bay the same was true. What gives?

Tony Dungy: 2X Super Bowl Champion (XIII, XLI) “There absolutely is truth (to that), especially in the NFC. You are going to play some games whether it’s in Green Bay, outdoors where you may not be able to put up those big numbers. As we did in 2006. You are going to play a game when your quarterback might throw three interceptions. We won a game in Baltimore with five field goals and our defense shut Baltimore down so somewhere along the line your defense is going to have to stand up. I think that’s what coach is talking about. We’ve got to be balanced. We just can’t just be an offensive team that outscores people.”

While no one would begrudge Aaron Rodgers a massive new contract this offseason, there needs to be a real balance between offensive and defensive salaries. Perhaps erring on the side of defense.

Sal Paolantonio, ESPN National Correspondent: "A lot of examples recently where teams have gone to the bank and give the quarterbacks a lot of money and it hasn’t paid off. Andrew Luck, Joe Flacco is pretty good example…You look at teams that lead the league in points allowed or close to it are usually in the Super Bowl or close to it…If you are Aaron Rodgers you have to understand the economics of building a successful team and what it takes for the entire team and you don’t want to price yourself out of a Super Bowl.”

All that said. ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio proceeded to tell me he thinks if Aaron Rodgers is healthy none of it matters. The Packers at least make the NFC Championship game. But it’s not about conference title games appearances. It’s about Super Bowl wins.