Miss Green Bay pageant celebrates 90 years

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - When the Miss Green Bay Area scholarship pageant is held Saturday night at Bay Port High School, it will mark 90 years since the first Miss Green Bay pageant in 1929.

Photo collage courtesy Miss Green Bay Area Scholarship Pageant

The milestone anniversary is leading to a reunion of former Miss Green Bays.

Inside the Crystal Ballroom at the Hotel Northland, it's a trip down memory lane.

"This is fun. This is really fun. It's like getting the old band back together," says Angela Wright, Miss Green Bay 1989.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Miss Green Bay pageant, Victoria Parmentier, who wore the crown in 1974, organized a reunion of former Miss Green Bays.

They all say it was a life changing experience.

"A year of confidence, I was 20 years old, I worked here at the Hotel Northland and never imagined I would win, and when I did you have the whole year you are Miss Green Bay," says Parmentier.

"And I spoke before the city council or before high school students on saying no to drugs, and Girl Scout groups and just different people, different organizations, and you had to be able to do it eloquently," adds Wright.

Kelly James was crowned Miss Green Bay in 1999.

Twenty years later, there's still pride for the organization she represented.

"The Miss American program is still the largest scholarship provider to women in the United States, so it's good, good to highlight the good in the world," says James.

While they may be decades apart in age, their bond is instant and everlasting.

"We're all sisters, and it's amazing to be able to meet them sometimes for the first time as well, but every year it's a big family reunion coming back together," says Michelle Keehan, Miss Green Bay 2010.

"Absolutely, you get together and even if you hadn't met before you still feel it," adds Phyllis Sacho, who after winning Miss Green Bay in 1949 went on to win the title of Miss Wisconsin.

She credits the pageant for instilling values and lifelong inspiration.

"The ones that I know, former Miss Green Bay, are just right up with it. They aren't sitting back and being an old grandma, they're up doing stuff and looking very pretty," says Sacho.

"I look up to these women so much. I'm still deciding on what I would like to do with my life when I grow up, so to see them and to see where they are in life right now gives me motivation to know that one day I can be as successful as they are," says Katrina Mazier, Miss Green Bay 2018.

During the pageant Saturday night, all the former Miss Green Bays will be announced on stage during the program.

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