Hundreds celebrate the miracle of life at the Miracle Baby Celebration at Aurora BayCare

GREEN BAY, Wis. Hundreds of people came to celebrate the miracle of life on Saturday at the annual "Miracle Baby Celebration" picnic at Aurora BayCare in Green Bay.

"I'm pretty sure I yelled ‘woo-hoo’ really loud into the phone."

That's the reaction Deb Dickson had after finding out she was finally pregnant. Deb Dickson and Jim Cortright couldn't have a baby the traditional way, but after consulting with Dr. Frank Wittmaack they conceived Scott, their miracle baby.

"Well they often times try on their own for a while and then once they realize they're having a hard time achieving a pregnancy on their own they seek our help," said Dr. Frank Wittmaack, a physician at Aurora BayCare Fertility Center.

"It's amazing what the doctor did, what they can do, what the staff did and how well they treated us and just look at the result, it's really amazing," said Cortright.

The Miracle Baby picnic invites families who had babies through the hospital's fertility center and families with babies who stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) after birth. The picnic gives them a chance to share stories and connect.

The signature event is in its 14th year, more than 500 people come back year after year to help celebrate the miracle of life. Dr. Wittmaack says seeing the babies and their families during the picnic is the best part of his job.

"We're really excited to meet with families, often times it's the first time we see the little babies after they've been born, and the smiles on the faces of our patients is just priceless," said Dr. Wittmaack.

"I mean they spend so much time with every patient, and it's nice to come down and see everybody and say thank you," said Cortright.