Minnesota man attempts to beat land/ice speed world record

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MANAWA, Wis. (WBAY) - It’s not every day you see someone like Kurt Anderson, with a rocket powered snow machine, trying to go over 250 mph.

"It's hard to say why but I’m kind of a driven person,” Anderson said.

His goal was to break the current land/ice speed record last set in the early 1980's.

"It's just got the bug in my head,” said Anderson. “You know let's go for it. The records been sitting since 1981 and I thought why not.”

Anderson built his ice rocket racer, the Arctic Arrow, in his machine workshop.

He partnered with legendary rocket man, Ky Michaelson, for an engine that burned environmentally safe.

"It'll burn about 18 gallons of fuel in 4 seconds and about 150 dollars a gallon,” Crew Chief Ky Michaelson. “It’s 90 percent hydrogen peroxide."

"The roar and vibration of that rocket is like nothing else and so when I’m inside there, I’m feeling the thrust,” said Anderson. “I'm hearing that rocket noise that I love or have learned to love.”

Even though Anderson did not break the world record on Sunday, his team said there's always a next time.

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