Masonic Lodge donates $1,500 to Green Bay Police K9 Program

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - For many their dog is part of the family.

Well at the Green Bay Police Department they are also partners in fighting crime.

Saturday the Masonic Lodge donated $1,500 to the department’s K9 program in hopes of keeping our community safe.

"It's a partnership between me and the dog to make ourselves the best team we can possibly can be,” K9 Handler Jeff Brann.

Officer Brann said the department has seven K9s to help keep the community safe.

"The most frequent task that the dogs have is narcotic searches,” said Officer Brann. “And the second part that the dogs would do would be apprehension of people."

"A lot of times when people go for donations they don't think of the smaller things , so it's important to have those things to train their dogs and have their dogs functioning the way they need them to,” Master of Masonic Lodge Stuart Ninabuck said.

Officer Brann said the presentations give the community a chance to understand all the training that goes into the job of a police K9.

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