Marquette poll finds voters divided on Gov. Evers' policies

Gov. Tony Evers at a budget listening session in Sun Prairie on April 3, 2019 (WBAY photo)

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WBAY) - The latest Marquette University Law School poll released Wednesday gives new insight into how voters feel about politicians and big issues on a state and federal level.

The results arrive just one week after the spring election and about three months since Gov. Tony Evers took office.

The poll shows voters are starting to make up their minds about the new governor -- and stand divided on his policies.

Among his popular ideas is increasing the minimum wage. In the poll, 57 percent of voters supported this, with 38 percent against.

Legalizing marijuana saw an increase in support, with 59 percent in favor and 36 percent against. An overwhelming 83 percent said it should be legalized for medicinal purposes with a doctor's prescription.

Two of Gov. Evers' policies are underwater, not popular in public opinion. Almost half -- 46 percent -- oppose freezing the number of students in voucher schools, using taxpayer money to take kids get out of public education. More than half -- 57 percent -- stand against increasing gas taxes and other fees to pay for repairing and maintaining roads.

"We've been asking how to pay for roads for seven years, and people want good roads but they're really reluctant to pay for them over that whole period," poll director Charles Franklin said.

Franklin says opposition to gas tax increases is not new -- the majority of voters who were polled opposed the proposal during Tony Evers' gubernatorial campaign last year -- but Franklin says opposition has grown in the last three months.