Marinette police: Officer who shot dog used reasonable force

MARINETTE, Wis. (WBAY) - The Marinette Police Department says an officer used "objectively reasonable force" when he shot and wounded a dog last week at Golden Sands Trailer Park.

An officer responded to hang-up calls to 911. A neighbor says the dog, a chocolate lab, got out of the trailer home and the officer shot it.

The bullet went into the dog's head and lodged in its ribs. The dog survived.

A statement from the Marinette Police Department on Friday said the officer's actions were consistent with his training from the department and the state.

The department says investigators interviewed the officer, witnesses and police department employees and reviewed video and information from other sources.

"Our police department understands that the images in this video are difficult to watch and difficult to understand for someone whose job does not put themselves in harm’s way each day," the statement read. "Officer safety is very important to our employees and our community, and the Captain will support the good faith split-second decisions of the officers as long as those decisions are consistent with the law and the training they receive."

As of last week, the bullet had not been removed. The owners said they couldn't afford the surgery.

The 911 hang-up call was from a nine-year-old girl and her friend.

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