Marinette-Menominee out of running for "Small Business Revolution"

MARINETTE, Wis. (WBAY) - Two cities in our area didn't make the cut to win the ultimately prize from a reality TV show.

Co-host of 'Small Business Revolution-Main Street,' Amanda Brinkman, talks to the crowd at a Marinette-Menominee community-wide event in January 2019 (WBAY photo)

The Hulu show "Small Business Revolution: Main Street" took Marinette-Menominee out of the running Tuesday.

The show, featuring hosts Ty Pennington and Amanda Brinkman, offers a half-million dollars to rejuvenating one town's struggling business district.

Marinette, Wis., and Menominee, Mich., which are connected by a bridge, competed jointly.

"We're very excited to have Marinette-Menominee in the top 10 process," Brinkman said. "They have a lot to be proud of for making it through to that stage, and we really feel like the unification of those two towns, for them, is the real prize, and they can use this momentum to keep moving forward, and we're really excited to see how they do it."

Brinkman says they didn't feel the $500,000 investment was enough to spread between the two communities, and that was a factor in them not making the final five.

"We were incredibly impressed with Marinette-Menominee. It is already an exception this year to pick a twin cities situation where you had two main streets. And while the community really pulled together and they rallied, and we were so moved by those two communities that hadn't historically worked well together were unified around something so powerful, we felt we were blessed to witness that and that was the real success story for them," Brinkman said.

The show says it received more than 12,000 nominations for its fourth season.