Mapping out school safety

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - With the start of school just weeks away, student, teacher and staff safety is a big topic of discussion at the Wisconsin Police Chief's Association summer conference in Green Bay. Law enforcement agencies from across the state are sharing information and tactics on how best to keep schools safe and they're being introduced to some new technology to help get all first responders on the same page.

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In the event of a major incident, everyone in law enforcement knows, when incidents happen time matters. Being able to get to a threat quickly, to stop it, is key. But, with so many different entrances along with names and numbers for doors, at places like schools, getting inside can sometimes be confusing.

That's where BAE Systems, a defense contractor, comes in. It's introducing a system to law enforcement, used by military special ops, that will decrease response times to incidents by specifically laying out locations.

"It's a mapping technology that enables us to create very accurate blueprints and common operating pictures associated with a building and then disseminate those building, common operating pictures called collaborated response graphics to first responders in the area," says Michael Rodgers from BAE Systems.

The mapping system, which identifies specific rooms and doors and locations, is then shared by law enforcement agencies with mutual aid agreements. Every responder would have access to the blueprint either on squad car computers or handheld devices like cell phones.

According to Chief Tim Styka from the Menasha Police Department, "We know from the incidents that we've had in the valley, we don't know every little nuance of every community and this is a very simple, straight forward way for literally everybody to on the same page, the same map."

With Sheboygan South High School, the first school in Northeast Wisconsin to be mapped for this system, it will help to demonstrate the product and its effectiveness.

"Hoping that the rest of our school district will follow through with it and that it will take off through the state," adds Sheboygan Police Chief, Christopher Domagalski.