Manure spill causes "significant" fish kill near Freedom

Published: Jul. 11, 2017 at 1:22 PM CDT
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The Department of Natural Resources says it has contained a large manure spill that caused a "significant" fish kill near Freedom.

The spill happened at Neighborhood Dairy, located just northeast of Freedom. Manure spilled into Dutchman Creek.

The spill was caused by a valve malfunction. Manure backed up and spilled out of the runoff collection system, according to the DNR.

While the spill is contained, the clean up process continues.

"DNR groundwater specialists are monitoring the spill, but the thick clay soil in the region may prevent any groundwater contamination," reads a statement from the DNR.

The spill killed a number of bullheads, mud minnows, and sticklebacks.

The DNR says most of the spill is located within tribal boundaries of the Oneida Nation.

The DNR says the farm took action after discovering the spill and called for vacuum trucks to remove the contaminated water from the creek.

The farm has a Concentrated Animal Feed Operation (CAFO) permit. It has 950 cows.