Manitowoc man arrested after firing gunshots outside a tavern

A Tennessee man accused of killing his wife in front of her children has been arrested./ Source: MGN
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MANITOWOC, Wis. (WBAY) – A 23-year-old Manitowoc man was arrested Saturday morning after police said he admitted to firing several rounds from his handgun into the air outside a bar.

Officers were conducting a traffic stop in the 800 block of Washington Street when they heard gunshots near a tavern in the 900 block of Washington Street. Police saw several people fighting in the area, and when officers arrived they could see people leaving quickly and vehicles leaving the scene.

Officers stopped a vehicle and the 23-year-old man admitted to firing the gunshots in an attempt to stop people from fighting. Police officers found empty casings in the street near the tavern, which matched the man’s gun.

The man was arrested on charges of intoxicated use of a firearm, and carrying a concealed handgun while consuming intoxicants inside a tavern.

Police said no one was hurt, but are still investigating.