Manitowoc airman jumps into action during Las Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (WBAY) -- People across the country are still coming to terms with a wave of emotion, following Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Some who call Northeast Wisconsin home were in Las Vegas at the time of the attack.

Bryce Retzloff though he’d scored big, when he and a friend won tickets to Jason Aldean’s Sunday night concert. They took a night off from their time at Nellis Air Force Base, just outside Las Vegas, and prepared for a fun night of music.

“We heard a couple pops, and like everyone … well we thought it was fireworks, because it was toward the end of the show,” Retzloff recalls.

When it turned out to be more than just fireworks, the Manitowoc-native and airman jumped into action.

“We saw people getting shot, and the guy next to us got shot. We helped him out of there,” he says. “They asked anyone with combat experience or training … so we went back in and started helping people.”

A place he never imagined to use combat training – his quick response became the much needed assistance.

“We went in and helped them with the triage,” Retzloff says. “We were helping wrap tourniquets and just helping people get out and rushing them to the hospital and to an ambulance.”

Two days after the attack, Retzloff remembers the scene as “sadness, just a lot of sadness.” He tells Action 2 News he’s working to put the pieces back together after such a tragedy.