Man charged with attempted murder for bar fight that led to police shooting

Published: May. 23, 2017 at 5:09 PM CDT
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A Milwaukee man is in court in Outagamie County facing charges including attempted homicide from a fight that led to an officer-involved shooting at Jack's Apple Pub early Sunday morning.

Two police officers on foot patrol heard the shot and ran into Jack's Apple Pub as patrons were running out, and one officer fired shots after seeing a man with a gun. Those shots killed Jimmie Montel Sanders.

Tuesday, Henry Nellum was charged for his involvement in the fight that preceded it.

Nellum isn't charged with Sanders's shooting death. Instead, he's charged with attempted homicide and reckless endangerment for having a gun on him that went off.

According to the criminal complaint, Nellum told investigators he was at the bar drinking with a friend when a man came up to him and the woman he was with and started talking to them.

Nellum said he didn't know the man, who eventually hit him for no reason. Nellum said he got up and started fighting with the man. He told investigators he wanted to hand the gun off to someone so he could fight more but the gun went off.

But the criminal complaint says investigators reviewed video from inside the bar that showed Nellum and the man fighting, people pulling Nellum off of the man, then Nellum pulling the gun out of his pocket, racking a round and firing a shot at the man he was fighting with.

The complaint also says Nellum handed the gun off to a woman, who put it under her car. Police recovered the gun.

Nellum's bond was set at $400,000, and he was ordered to be back in court on June 30.

During Tuesday's hearing we didn't learn any additional information about how or why Jimmie Sanders was killed. Outside agencies --

the Green Bay Police Department and Wisconsin State Crime Lab --

are both investigating the shooting.

Sanders' family was in court looking for answers in his death. They met with the district attorney, who asked for patience on that investigation while it's still being sorted out.

"Obviously we're going through and trying to process the rest of this as quickly as we can, but we want to be as thorough as we can. We're working with some other agencies that are outside of my control and Green Bay Police Department's control in terms of trying to have things expedited as best we can to get full and complete answers for everybody," Schneider said.

Sanders' family understands the investigation needs to take place, but it doesn't help them get answers now.

"They want to know what happened to their loved one, because there's a lot of conflicting stories, and they just want to know exact what took place. That's why we're here today, to see what was going on in this court proceeding and then try to compile the truth, trying to get little nuggets of the truth," Tory Lowe, an advocate for the family, said.

Schneider says once her office has more information to release, it will do so.

In the meantime, investigators are asking anyone with information that can help the investigation to call the Green Bay Police Department.