Man arrested at Madison Culver's drive thru for seventh OWI

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A man was arrested for drunk driving after he pulled up to a Culver's drive thru and scraped his car along the side of the building in Madison.

James Myshak, 56, is facing charges for operating while intoxicated. Officers say this is his seventh OWI offense.

It happened Friday night at the Culvers on East Towne Boulevard. Police say an employee smelled alcohol on Myshak's breath and called for help.

Culver's staff brought the man a free scoop of custard in an attempt to keep Myshak from driving off. The employee said Myshak joked, "Do you have any Bloody Marys in there?"

When police asked if Myshak had been drinking, he replied, "Four of five [beers], I'm not going to lie to you."