Mailbox full of memories stolen from end of New Franken driveway

NEW FRANKEN, Wis (WBAY) -- A uniquely shaped mailbox held more than letters for one New Franken man, it held memories.

Picture provided by John DeBauche via Facebook

“Beautiful looking shotgun shell, Winchester shotgun shell. It was red and gold, really neat looking,” John DeBauche said of his mailbox, given to him by the family of his late best friend, Jim Fuller.

“He was a championship trap shooter. That's the shells that he shot, and reloaded for us and stuff. Just very sentimental,” said DeBauche.

Jim lost his battle to cancer two years ago and never got to use his shotgun shell mailbox.

“He was so proud of it when he got it. He called me over, he had to show it to me. I wanted to display it and use it,” said DeBauche.

On July 4th, DeBauche woke up to find it had been stolen less than two weeks after putting it up.

“I noticed it gone. I thought, it's never going to come back. I'm hoping it comes back. I was pretty shocked. I didn't think somebody would steal a mailbox,” said DeBauche.

He took to Facebook, where his post has almost 1,000 shares, hoping someone will see it and return it.

“I just want the mailbox back. It means something to me. I don't want to buy another one, I don't want someone to give me one, I want that one.”

He even had to modify his current post to fit the mailbox.

DeBauche thinks the thieves had a plan. “I'm sure they stopped by here once and had the right tool to take it off the post,” said DeBauche.

He hopes the mailbox will be turned in to the police or the thieves will have a change of heart and return it to his yard.

“I do have another mailbox that I can put back up, but it’s not the same.”

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