Love Your Melon shows love for Adam's Army

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A local toddler fighting leukemia had a party thrown in his honor Tuesday thanks to Love Your Melon.

Last week we told you about Adam Brey, a two-year-old from Manitowoc receiving chemotherapy at HSHS St. Vincent Children's Hospital in Green Bay.

Each round of chemo means a month in the hospital, so Adam's family started a Facebook page called Adam's Army, which has people from around the world sending him well wishes.

Love Your Melon's campus crew at Bellin College hosted a party for Adam and his family to give him a chance to have some fun.

Love Your Melon is a cancer support organization and planned to throw him a party at the hospital, but Adam was released much earlier than anticipated after his third round of chemotherapy, so Adam was able to have some fun outside the hospital walls.

"We wanted to put on a special, fun time for him and his family and just kind of give him a night to distract them from everything else going on and let them have fun and run around like kids should," Love Your Melon campus crew captain Courtney Harvey said.

The party had a superhero theme and a Mickey Mouse theme -- which happen to be two of Adam's favorite things.

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