Looking into the seemingly worsening flu season

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - As hospitals try to keep up with the amount of flu cases every day more questions about this seemingly worsening season are surfacing.

More people are getting hospitalized every day, and schools are even needing to close. Zion Lutheran School in Brown County posted on Facebook saying it canceled school Tuesday because too many staff and students are sick with not enough substitute teachers to fill in.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says nationwide more than 60 children have died from influenza this season, and here in Wisconsin, as we reported Monday, two adults in Two Rivers in their 40s and 50s died.

Doctor Lynn Wagner is an emergency medicine physician. She said there's no doubt it's a bad flu season.

“It is a very bad flu season, but it's nothing that we need to be panicked about, but obviously anyone who has kids or loved ones, if they get the flu, you may get a little freaked out about it so I totally understand,” said Dr. Wagner.

Wagner sees patients with flu symptoms almost every day, and to keep up she's been doing her own research, even looking into the idea that healthy people are even at risk.

“I haven't seen any data that shows that this season has any type of virulent strain that would potentially affect healthy people, so I still think that we're just seeing some pretty bad cases that are being brought forward, which is making everyone a little more fearful,” said Dr. Wagner.

However, Wagner said she understands it's scary as small kids, older adults and anyone with chronic health problems are at risk.

Wagner has stayed active on her own public Facebook page answering any and all questions.

She said if you’re wondering whether you should get the flu shot a second time this season, there’s no need.

“There's no reason why you should get it again, because they haven't changed the formula, so whatever you got in the first shot, your body should still have those anti-bodies that have been produced,” said Dr. Wagner.

She said if you have yet to get your flu shot, it's not too late.

This year's flu shot may not offer complete protection from this flu strain but it can reduce the severity of symptoms and slow the spread of the disease.

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