Longtime Manitowoc photo store closing

MANITOWOC, Wis. (WBAY) - The clearance sale will continue for two more weeks at Lloyd's Photo & Digital store in downtown Manitowoc.

After 67 years, the family-owned business is closing its doors, saying it can no longer compete with the virtual world.

Owner Todd Kresheck grew up in the photography business.

In 1951, the same year he was born, his dad opened Lloyd's Photo in Two Rivers.

"Kind of gets in your blood, like my sisters did it, that was her profession, and my brother is still a professional photographer," says Kresheck.

After graduating college, Kresheck joined his father's business and took over in 1975, moving to Manitowoc.

He witnessed the evolution of printing photos.

"Used to take a week for color, then it was down to two days, and then it was down to one hour," recalls Kresheck.

In 1980, Lloyd's became the second photo shop in the state to offer one-hour film processing.

Business stayed strong up through the turn of the century.

"Prints at one time at the peak was 50 percent of sales, and that's where the profit was. You don't make much money selling cameras, the accessories are better, but the prints is where it's at, and that has just fallen away. Even though more pictures are being taken, it's just less and less are being printed," says Kresheck.

Kresheck says the major shift occurred about a decade ago, when people started storing their pictures on their computers and emailing them to friends.

It's a trend he's a little sad about.

"The warm and fuzzy is lost. You see it on the computer, but one or two people can see it at a time. It's not like opening a book and feeling them and sharing them with everybody, just kind of lost," says Kresheck.

Without a buyer for his business, Kresheck sold his building and will close the doors in two weeks.

He's excited about retirement but will miss the families he's shared memories with for generations.

"You see your kids go grow up, move on to college and new careers and grandkids, and you kind of live with them," says Kresheck.

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