Local radio host clarifies comments on sexual assault and misconduct

Published: Dec. 11, 2017 at 4:21 PM CST
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A Fox Valley radio host continues to come clean about past sexual misconduct after making the admissions on his show.

On Friday, Josh Dukelow did a segment on WHBY's Fresh Take called "Coming Clean About Sexual Misconduct." During the segment, he said he had "sexually assaulted women in the past."

Dukelow said, "I have sexually assaulted women in the past. I have sexually mistreated women that I care for, women that are friends of mine. I have said and done things that are wrong in the past. Now this is not the forum for the nasty details. But I have thought a lot about this over the past weeks. And I can say with confidence, I have been guilty of behavior, of which I am ashamed."

He also said that other men who are guilty of sexual misconduct should come forward.

Monday morning, Action 2 News spoke to Reach Counseling in Neenah which helps victims of sexual assault.

Officials there believe his comments were inappropriate.

"That the person that may have assaulted me just announced on the radio or on TV or in any other public media that they have done this," Lyn Beyer, Executive Director of Reach Counseling, said. "My first reaction would be, what's he going to do. I don't want to talk to him. I don't want to see him."

On Monday, Dukelow released what he called "clarifying remarks" on his segment:

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Woodward Radio General Manager Kelly Radandt issued this statement on Dukelow's broadcast: