Local non-profit providing free vaccines for pets of the homeless

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OUTAGAMIE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - “Anyone can be doing this and they need it,” Hidden Paws Network Founder Joshua Jablonski said.

Jablonski said it doesn't take much to help others.

"You don't need to be some millionaire or someone with a lot of following to do this,” said Jablonski.

On Saturday his non-profit, Hidden Paws Network, helped those in need by looking out for their pets.

"We having a clinic for pets in Brown County and Outagamie County,” said Jablonski.

Pets got free vaccinations, wellness checks, food and blankets for cold nights.

"The last clinic we had, one lady actually started crying,” said Jablonski. “She said her pet hadn't eaten in like 3 days.”

Dr. Devin Hunt who gave vaccinations to each pet, said the event is necessary because pets without a home are at a higher risk of getting sick.

"These pets are more likely to be around pets that are maybe not vaccinated,” Veterinarian Dr. Devin Hunt said. “A lot of times due to the hardships of the situation they may not be able to get the best nutrition."

The next event will be held at Hidden Paws office in Green Bay next month.

"We just opened a new location in Green Bay. 155 North Broadway Avenue,” said Jablonski.

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