Local gas station owner uses window to safely serve community

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- We've probably all heard this saying before 'when one door closes, another one opens.' Well, for one Green Bay gas station owner, when one door closes he simply opens the window.

"This window has been here since I bought the place, " said Terry Cayemberg, owner of Terry's EZ-Go.

Cayemberg said he's owned the Sunoco gas station on the corner of Broadway and Mather streets in downtown Green Bay for 21 years and a certain window has always given him trouble.

"It was never a good thing because the wind and everything comes through it and you can't seal it up," said Cayemberg.

But as businesses are forced to change due to the COVID-19 outbreak, his troublesome window is finally getting its chance to shine.

"It's actually become useful," said Cayemberg. "I just happened to look at the window and thought why don't we keep people out of store the store where it's safe for them and us... and try to do our part. If we can stop one person from getting sick, then we did our job."

So that is what Cayemberg decided to do this weekend. He closed the door to the gas station and opened a walk-up, drive thru window.

"Customers adapted to it right away," said Cayemberg. "A lot of them think it's a good idea. They don't want to get sick anymore than I want to see anybody get sick."

It's simple. You tell Terry what you need and he goes to get it for you. Then you purchase it at the window.

Cayemberg said he's not sure how long he will be able to stay open, but he plans to hold out as long as he can.

"I've been in this community for 57 years. I love this place. I don't want to see anyone get sick. If i can help out, I'll help out," said Cayemberg. "A lot of people in this neighborhood do not drive, so if they need some essentials, we are here to try and help."