Local farmers and businesses help with fresh food demand

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 5:00 PM CDT
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Grocery stores gave been busy with more empty shelves and a high demand for fresh food, but local farmers and small businesses are trying to help alleviate some of that demand.

Fresh food to your doorstep is not a new concept, but a service more and more people are using during these uncertain times surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

"We used to have boxes that we would deliver in and they were re-used, because we would return them, we're not doing that now during this, we're getting different types of bags that the customers can keep," said Luanne Pupeter Owner of Garden to Doorstep Organics LLC which delivers food boxes from Green Bay down to Fond Du Lac.

Garden to Doorstep Organics wants to help ease the demand without needing to make contact with the consumer. It can all be paid for online. It is also trying to help pay-it-forward by collecting items for local animal shelters.

"We're doing a drive right now, where if customers can order a little extra food when they order their pet foods or have cleaning supplies, they can put them out on their doorstep and when we deliver their bag to their house, we'll pick those up and we'll take them all to the shelter for them," said Pupeter.

Similarly, farmers through the Slo Farmers Co-op in Northeast Wisconsin, are continuing their no-contact neded food delivery even providing local pastured mear right to your doorstep.

The co-op says by no means is it trying to profit off fear.

"We're trying to just continue doing what we're doing which is provide that fresh healthy food for people and hopefully this is maybe a wake up call for people that local farms providing this food are an integral part of our food system," said Andrew Adamski, a farmer at Full Circle Community Farm in Seymour.

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