Local cosmetologist offers free hair cuts to hair loss customers

Published: Sep. 6, 2019 at 4:55 PM CDT
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Inside a private room at Nava hair salon in Appleton, Betsy Rachubinski comforts a woman during one of her worst days.

Rachubinski shaves off hair of women struggling with any type of medical hair loss all for free.

"A lot of times I sit back and let them lead how it's going to go," Rachubinski said. "They really rely on us, and having a private space for them to come to is, I think, a necessity in this community."

Betsy founded her non-profit, Peaceful Purpose, after a near-death experience. Now she wants to help others.

Her organization also offers free hats, scarves and low-cost wigs.

Specialists also offer cosmetic tattooing services.

"The women who come in they are just so strong and powerful and they just keep going and fighting, and it just makes you want to be a better person everyday," permanent cosmetic specialist Jacqueline Mayer said.

Rachubinski is now doing everything she can to make sure women have the support they need when dealing illness.

"Support is huge," said Rachubinski "Not just with their families, but with the community and what peaceful purpose has to offer."

You can donate to Peaceful Purpose's mission on their website at

Venmo: @peacefulpurposeinc