Local business experiences high demand as more people work from home

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Camera Corner Connecting Point works to ease the transitions for people now working from home.

It started as a little camera store in Downtown Green Bay 67 years ago.

"We've grown ever since then," said Michael Seering, a senior account executive with Camera Corner Connecting Point.

Camera Corner Connecting Point has recently experienced a spike in business as a growing number of companies ask employees to work from home. Customers purchased items like laptops and headsets and even bought out all of the web cams the store had in stock.

"In order to connect remotely, you either have to have a VPN, Virtual Private Network, or remote desktop or Cloud services or a combination of those," said Seering. "So, we've also seen an increase in customers requesting additional VPN licensing and remote desktop licensing."

Seering says many of the people rushing in for supplies are working from home for the first time and are not familiar with the challenges it can bring.

"My laptop is connected to my home wirelessly, but now if I have kids that have phones and PlayStations and gaming things that's all chewing up the resources we have in our homes," said Seering.

Camera Corner Connecting Point closed its doors on Monday, but Seering says there will be staff available to continue answering phone calls and emails from customers with questions.

"We are deemed one of the essential businesses, so we are allowed to stay open," he said. "Our retail establishment downtown Green Bay is by appointment only."

With the 'Safer At Home' Order on Tuesday, Seering expects the demand for technology needed to work from home to rise in the coming days.