Local Muslims take part in international 'Muslims for Remembrance' campaign

Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 5:38 PM CST
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Muslims across the country on Monday observe Veterans Day with the 'Muslim for Remembrance' campaign.

The campaign focuses on honoring the men and women who are serving and have served our country.

The sign outside of the Masjid Qamar Oshkosh Mosque reads in part, "Love for all, hatred for none." That phrase captures the spirit of the local Muslim community as they join thousands of their brothers and sisters internationally to honor veterans.

"We want to show from our perspective, the Muslim perspective, what it means to us," said Khurram Ahmad, public affairs secretary for the Masjid Qamar Oshkosh Mosque. "At the same time, do our little bit in that effort to remember those who have done great things for us."

That means going out into the community and going above and beyond the food drives and other efforts to help veterans throughout the year.

"We plan to visit local VA hospitals, local VA centers, do whatever we can from that standpoint," said Ahmad.

Ahmad says taking the time to honor the sacrifices of those who served goes beyond a day-long campaign. It is a tenant of faith.

"We firmly believe that nations who forget those who have laid their lives are lost themselves," he said.

He adds the 'Muslims for Remembrance' campaign is not about getting attention. Instead, it is about simply saying thank you. "It remains to be an up hill task, so we don't want to create an extra special consideration from that standpoint. We think we are duty-bound, we are honor-bound, to do whatever we can."