Local high school opens business

Published: Jan. 9, 2018 at 3:40 PM CST
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Students at a local high school have entered the world of business.

They are manufacturing products at school and selling them online.

When the community gave the Mishicot School District the green light for a $10 million referendum last year, some of the funds led to a new, state-of-the-art technology lab and computer center.

And last fall that led to a collaboration between students and teachers in the high school's tech ed and business classes, called Mishicot Enterprise.

"Now the students have the website up and running, and they're beginning to manufacture items that people can order online," says Mishicot Principal Paul Orlich.

Laser engraved glassware, insulated mugs and wood plaques are the first products being offered.

Teachers says it's a real world learning experience not found in a text book, and a benefit to every student.

"It's their actual business and they can calculate the income statement from our business, and what were the taxes we paid, and what were the expenses that we incurred, and what was the revenue from our business," says math and business teacher Colleen Thompson.

"Those kids that are interested in manufacturing, it really gives them real world experience. Those kids that are maybe unsure, it let's them know a little tidbit of what it would be like," adds Brennen Mickelson, Mishicot Tech and Engineering Instructor.

Initially targeting just local businesses and families, Mishicot Enterprise has already turned a profit.

Students say it's fostered pride and enthusiasm among their classmates.

"We can really apply our skills instead of just learning about marketing, we're actually applying them to create posters, creating advertising," says junior Kyra Rahmlow.

"We each got a position, and all the way from foreman to workers and we each get to make a log of what we're doing and actually watch our workers do everything and finish the product," adds junior Matt Cisler.

Funds generated through Mishicot Enterprise will be used to buy additional equipment.