List of potential Foxconn suppliers from Northeast Wisconsin grows

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - We're learning more about the number of Northeast Wisconsin businesses that might eventually do business with Foxconn.

The tech giant is building an assembly plant in Racine County to make liquid crystal displays for TVs, computers and a variety of other devices.

As anticipation for Foxconn builds, The Boldt Company is one of many businesses that have already reached out through a supply chain marketplace website launched by The New North.

Its goal is to connect Foxconn to potential suppliers.

Connie Loden, senior project manager for New North Inc. said, "They can enter their company profile in the supply chain marketplace, at no cost, to those companies. It's a way to promote themselves both as a potential supplier to Foxconn and also to many other industries as well."

Foxconn was added to the site in August, and since then 125 businesses from Northeast Wisconsin have signed up to be seen by Foxconn and other industries.

Those businesses are located throughout every county within the New North region.

Scott Clark is the senior director of business development for The Boldt Company. He said, "From a business standpoint in general it's a wonderful thing, and it would be very important for our company to be a part of that, and this is just another avenue for us to have the opportunity to get involved and get involved at an earlier time."

Overall the New North says more than 600 businesses statewide are using the web site.

Loden said, "One of the prerequisites of some of the programs that Foxconn received through the state of Wisconsin is that they give priority with Wisconsin suppliers. Therefore any of those suppliers throughout the state have a good shot at getting some potential business out of this project."

Some estimates have Foxconn spending $1.4 billion each year with Wisconsin companies.

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