Lime ends bike share program in Green Bay

Published: Mar. 25, 2019 at 2:19 PM CDT
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Lime will no longer offer bike sharing in Green Bay as it shifts its business model to scooters and electronic-assist bike sharing.

The California company will no longer provide pedal bikes in small and medium-sized markets. That means the service is over in Green Bay.

"They're going to focus on larger cities. They're no longer going to be offering pedal bike services, which is what we had here in Green Bay. Instead, they're going to be focusing on scooters primarily," says Matt Buchanan with Green Bay Community & Economic Development.

The city partnered with Lime in July 2018 and received 150 pedal bikes for sharing.

The city says from July to December 2018, Lime recorded 4,576 bike rides by 2,208 riders. Most rides happened downtown, at the UW-Green Bay campus, and along the Fox River Trail.

The bike share services were not available over winter.

"Though it's unfortunate that Lime's new business plans won't include Green Bay, we are now in a stronger position to develop a more permanent bike share system," said Buchanan.

Bicycling advocates say it's a sad situation, especially after seeing the success Lime bikes had in Green Bay. They say bike sharing is important in a city's development.

"Any way we can get people from point A to point B, multi-modal is the way to go. I think we were a little apprehensive at first with the dock-less bike sharing system, but everyone showed us that you know it doesn't have to be nailed down, everyone took care of it," said Heather Gentry with Green Bay Bicycle Collective.

Even with the Lime bikes riding their way out, the city wants to keep bike sharing an amenity in Green Bay. They'll look at both the dock and dock-less systems.

"There's a lot of different systems out there," said Buchanan. "We're going to consider all options, everything's on the table, and we'll figure out what systems work best for our community."

The city says it will form a task force to find a new bike share service. Buchanan says the city hopes to develop a plan for a new bike sharing system in the spring and have a system launched before fall.

"I think the city will definitely benefit from another bike share program," said Gentry. "The more options that our residents and visitors have, the better."