Liegeois challenges Gallagher to debate

Published: Oct. 16, 2018 at 6:03 PM CDT
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The Democrat running for Wisconsin's 8th Congressional district is challenging the Republican incumbent to a set of debates.

Beau Liegeois, an assistant district attorney in Brown County, says he challenged Congressman Mike Gallagher to two debates a week ago and has yet to receive a response.

At a news conference in Green Bay Tuesday morning, standing beside an empty chair with Gallagher's name taped to it, Liegeois accused Gallagher of running away from his constituents and hiding behind political ads.

"A debate is a fundamental part of our democracy in this country. He needs to answer for his attack on our health care system, for his attack on people with pre-existing medical conditions, and needs to answer for his massive corporate tax giveaway that is burying us in debt," Liegeois said. "I thought we were running a campaign of mutual respect between two former military officers, but apparently I was mistaken."

Action 2 News went to Rep. Gallagher for his response to Liegeois' accusations.

"He's been silent for about a year, so it's a little bit weird to me that with three weeks to go that he's now suddenly calling for a debate. As you know, these things are usually negotiated. All the other campaigns have been debating for a few weeks right now. So, I think this is just a reflection of political silly season for someone to be calling out for a debate in that way," Gallagher said.

Liegeois said he plans to continue to press Gallagher for a debate. Gallagher told us he's happy to review any debate proposal.

The election is November 6.

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