Lawrence University musicians engage younger audience

Published: Feb. 17, 2019 at 8:43 PM CST
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Musicians at Lawrence University shared their love of music with a younger generation in Appleton.

It’s not your average music concert.

It’s what musicians call a learning experience for kids.

"The big purpose is to remind people that we're all musical beings,” Music education Instructor Leila Pertl said. “Making music together is actual human behavior. It’s something we all share and that's important to do."

Through the Music for All Initiative, musicians strive to involve their audience in the music making process.

"That can be a very transformational experience for not only the adults in the room, but especially for the young ones in the room,” Pertl said. “The young ones are then seeing my presence matters to that person and I’m a part of this event."

The program challenges kids to think outside the box and participate in creating music.

"She brought me back my memories looking at her dancing and enjoying the music,” Mother Savitha Bangalore said.

Musicians at were happy to see the kids enjoying the show.

"All the kids getting up and dancing and participating just really showed that they were very involved and having fun,” Musician Anthony Dare said.

Pertl hopes they laid the ground work for them to create a musical life after the event.