Lawmakers willing to reach across the political aisle a day after midterms

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Republicans said they're willing to work with incoming democrats on certain issues in Wisconsin. Democrats also said on Wednesday that they want the legislature to work together.

“I guess what I would say is I’m willing to work with anyone, and certainly there's always going to be common ground that can be found and there's any number of issues that aren't republican or democrat issues,” said State Representative Andre Jacque (R) who won the Senate District 1 race.

Jacque said issues like workforce development, health care, and victim’s rights aren't specific to a party.

“It's going to be certainly still split government in terms of republican controlled legislature and a democratic governor, if the results hold, but at the same time I guess, you know there are a lot of issues that I’ve been able to get done on a broad bi-partisan basis, on things like domestic violence and human trafficking and school mental health in fact I was talking about that with a democratic senator last night at the results came in,” said Jacque.

Democrats are hopeful the two parties can now sit down and negotiate with less contention.

“It would make sense for them to work with us and him to make the state of Wisconsin a better place, and it's not us against them anymore, let's get it done together,” said Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay.

Hansen said voter turnout made a difference and win or lose, candidates from both parties put up a good fight.

“We all represent about 180,000 people, they should be listened to as well, it's been tough the last 8 years to get anything through on our side, because it was us against them, and we can do better, and I know there's good people on the other side of the aisle, and I hope Senator Cowles and others will be willing to work with us and make a difference,” said Hansen.