Largest snow storm of the year hits late in the season

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Another burst of wintry weather heads our way this spring, as the largest snow storm of the season hits Northeast Wisconsin.

While many people took the weather as a sign to stay indoors, others decided to brave their way outdoors – and worked to dig out of their homes.

“The roads are horrible,” says Dan Shadian, owner of Shadian Landscaping. “I would say stay home. I would stay home and read a book, watch some movies.”

Whether people needed to leave, or wanted to leave, Shadian told Action 2 News he saw dozens of vehicles stuck in the snow.

“The roads weren't the worst, it was where the snow plows went through and people tried to cross through them,” he says. “And then people were just stuck and buried and then other people can't get around.”

Shadian plows the Channel 2 News parking lot, and was on-hand as a Channel 2 producer got stuck in the snow. Together with news director Matt Kummer, Shadian was able to push the vehicle out of the snow.

“Definitely the worst of all season, probably one of the worst in a long, long time,” Shadian says. “This isn't so bad, but if they're talking more snow tonight, it's almost ... It's going to be interesting."

As Action 2 News crews made their way across Green Bay, it was clear many other people were in the same situation.

“I was coming around this corner and I slid and got stuck. So these nice people over here helped me get out of the situation,” says Leo Cortright of Green Bay.

Cortight was on his way to work, when his car got stuck in the snow. That’s when four people he didn’t know helped push him out.

“Green Bay is a good place to live in in the winter. That people are willing to help you when you're in need. I've already helped one person today, so it's awesome that they helped me out,” he says.

Others decided it was safer just to walk to their destination.

Adam Farvour says his van was “literally buried in the snow.” So, he decided to walk through the snow that was “up to [his] knees.”

“My aunt's pregnant,” he says. “If she needs something, I'm going to come get it. I don't care if I'm in shorts and a t-shirt, I'm going to come get it.”

This snow storm marks the largest one Northeast Wisconsin has seen all season. It’s also the snowiest winter the area has ever seen in the month of April.