Lamers Bus Lines hosts hiring event in Menasha

MENASHA, Wi. (WBAY) - Switching gears to a new job takes consideration, but Lamers Bus Lines hopes getting people behind the wheel at their Menasha location will convince them to become drivers.

"We are looking for school bus route drivers, charter drivers, motor coach drivers, pretty much anything,” said Lamers Human Resources Manager Sharna Pilger.

Lamers hosts many hiring events throughout the year – always looking to add more drivers.

"School bus driving isn't a field a lot of people consider, but it's a very fun job,” said Lamers Bus Dispatcher Rian Schmidt.

At Saturday’s hiring event people could try out Lamers simulator - a virtual training tool that tests a person's skills on the road in a number of weather conditions and situations.

"So you sit in it, it looks like you're driving a school bus, you actually push on the buttons, you turn the wheel, it's fun,” said Pilger.

Schmidt believes some people are intimidated by the job but thinks more people should give it a chance.

“We follow the same rules of the road as everybody else does, it's just we have a larger vehicle and we have slightly more responsibilities because we have more souls on board,” said Schmidt. “More precious cargo."

But new hires go through a training course that tackles all the things they'd need to know, including how to keep an eye on other drivers.

“We have to deal every day with distracted drivers and a lot of the drivers not knowing the laws,” said Schmidt. "Your head kind of never stops moving. You're scanning all the areas you're watching the mirrors."

Though the job comes with a lot of responsibility, Schmidt says it's fulfilling work.

“You are a big part of a child's day when you're seeing them right away in the morning, you're taking them home in the afternoon,” said Schmidt.

“They get to know their bus drivers."

People must be at least 21 years old, have a good driving record, and must be able to pass a drug screen and background check in order to be hired.

Pilger says retirees, or anyone looking for part-time work would be a good fit. She added that any parents hired are allowed to bring their children to work, saving on daycare costs.

To view the open positions available, people can visit the Lamers Bus Lines website. CLICK HERE.