Lambeau Field rampage suspect claims innocence in letter to Action 2 News

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A man accused of ramming cars and chasing two men in the Lambeau Field parking lot has written a letter to Action 2 News claiming that he is innocent.

Chay Vang, 40, is charged with two counts of 1st Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety for the Dec. 22 rampage that left two men fearing for their lives.

In a handwritten, eight page letter, Vang writes about what happened, detailing a story that is similar to what is outlined in the criminal complaint against him.

In the letter, Vang claims that he wanted to scare two former co-workers who he allegedly chased that day, but didn't intend to hurt them.

He writes, “I was not there to hurt anybody, just scare them.”

We are not publishing the full letter out of respect for the victims and their privacy.

Vang was angry over his termination from Delaware North, a food service company that provides concessions to Lambeau Field. He claims he went to Lambeau Field on Dec. 22 to look for some former co-workers who he blamed for his firing.

One of the victims, a warehouse worker, told police that he saw Chay pull behind his vehicle and smash into the rear of the car. The men got out of the car, which was pushed under a parked van.

Surveillance footage from the stadium shows Vang chasing the two men with his vehicle, according to the criminal complaint.

One victim said he ran for his life.

"I felt like my life was in danger so I began to run for my life towards the guard shack and gate," one victim told police. "I was yelling the whole time for the guard to call the cops. I ran down the ramp past the gate. Chay was chasing me with his car. I ran into the building and hid. I just felt scared for my life and thought that Chay was going to start shooting at people, but I never saw him with a weapon."

Five vehicles were damaged during the incident, but no people were hurt.

Vang is behind bars on a $10,000 cash bond. He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Jan. 18.