Lakefront Brewery recalls potentially explosive beer

Image: Lakefront Brewery

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WBAY) - A Wisconsin brewery is asking drinkers to be very careful with one of its beers. The reason? It could explode.

Lakefront Brewery has recalled bottles of My Turn Junk because it is "too volatile and has risk of explosion."

The beer has small amounts of wild yeast from cherries. As it continues to ferment, carbon dioxide builds up in the bottles. That could lead to an explosion.

Lakefront Brewery recommends refrigerating the beer or carefully disposing of the bottles.

The pressure builds up in warm beer. Some bottles have exploded, but no one has been injured.

The beer itself is safe to drink.

"We all take in wild yeast in the air we breathe and the liquid is perfectly tasty,” said Lakefront Brewery Founder and President, Russ Klisch. “The risk comes with pressure building up in warm beer that continues to ferment.”

Lakefront Brewery is offering a refund to those who choose to dispose of the beer. Take a photo of the bottle's back label and send it to with a home address. You have until Oct. 1 to send in your photo and information. Lakefront Brewery will mail you a refund check.

The Lakefront Brewery My Turn is a series of different beer recipes, each named after the Lakefront employee who brewed it. According to an interview by Milwaukee Record, this beer was named for the social media manager, Andy "Junk" Jungwirth.