Lake flies return along the Lake Winnebago shoreline

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HARRISON, Wis. (WBAY)- They're back!

Lake flies cover the side of a house near Lake Winnebago on May 16, 2018 (WBAY photo)

The lake flies are once again making their presence known around Lake Winnebago.

This typically happens every year around Mother's Day but this particular hatch can't be missed.

It's huge.

That's led to a constant buzz on the north shore of Lake Winnebago where the most recent hatch of lake flies has led to swarms so big people say they just can't escape.

"They came I think Saturday at some point and it's been worse and worse everyday. This is the worst day by far. Like they're building, like the street we're on here is some kind of wind pocket you know off the lake so they can just hang out here and they're having a party," said Mike Magnuson of Harrison.

While the flies can drive some people nuts, they're good for the Lake Winnebago ecosystem as a food source for sturgeon and perch.

Magnuson added, "But you know, as long as you keep your mouth shut, which we're not doing, I see you have your mouth shut, but as long as you have your mouth shut they don't bite ya."

The good news is, the flies don't live long. Many die within seven to fourteen days of hatching.

Chris VanDerSteen of Harrison said, "They're not bad, they die you sweep them up it's no big deal. We're waiting for a rain, that knocks them down where there will be none. If it rains in a day or two nobody's going to complain."

For many the hardest part is keeping the flies out of the house as they can leave behind tiny spots.

"We have an extra door in the house and we live like we're in a submarine with an air lock you know. So you go in the first room and you completely de-fly and you're safe to go in the house," said Magnuson.