LaFleur's thoughts on 26-13 loss to Ravens

Aaron Rodgers (left) sits out of Thursday's preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens due to back soreness.
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Green Bay Packers second preseason game was a mixed bag for head coach Matt LaFleur.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the starters were slotted to play around a quarter but Rodgers was scratched due to back soreness.

Although final scores in the preseason don’t matter the play on the field can make or break a roster spot for fringe players when the roster gets cut down to 53.

The biggest takeaways from Thursday’s 26-13 loss to Baltimore Ravens was the defense’s missed tackles and the offense’s lack of consistency.

“I was a little more frustrated after last night’s game but it’s because I know we are capable. We’ve shown it. We’ve shown some flashes of some really good stuff. Again, it just keeps coming back to the consistency,” LaFleur said on Friday.

LaFleur counted 19 missed tackles and singled out seventh round pick Ty Summers who in the first preaseason game against the Texans led the team with 9 tackles.

“[Ty] missed too many tackles. He’s in position to make the tackle. He’s got to finish. He’s got to run his feet on contact. He’s got to wrap up,” LaFleur said.

LaFleur stressed he still doesn’t want to do live tackling in practice because the risk vs. reward is not worth it.

“I think it comes back down to the practice. I think we really have to concentrate and have a more concerted effort on thud-ing up and trying to stop the runner’s feet,” LaFleur said.

Aaron Rodgers has told the media he wants to play in Canada when the Packers travel to Winnipeg to play the Oakland Raiders on Thursday, Aug. 22.

After many of the starters sat out in the first preseason game, Rodgers was a late scratch in against the Ravens due to back soreness.

LaFleur said Rodgers feels better and the plan is for Rodgers to practice on Sunday when the Packers get back on the field but “a lot of it is going to be predicated on how he feels.”

The head coach would like Rodgers and the first team offense to get on the field prior to the Sept. 5 matchup with the Chicago Bears.

“Those guys all going out together prior to the Chicago game to work any kinks out, if there are any. Just to try to get into the flow of the game, having him hear the play calls when he is actually the guy out there. It’s just more or less getting into the flow,” LaFleur said.

LaFleur walked to the podium inside Lambeau Field on Friday without his boot and hopes to be without it this week since he tore his Achilles in May.

He wore the boot during Thursday’s game but is sick of it.

“You aren’t used to standing for that long in that boot. By the end of the game my heel is on fire so I’m ready to get out of it,” LaFleur said.