LME, Inc. closes suddenly, leaves workers without jobs or pay

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) -- A national trucking company closes its doors without warning leaving dozens of workers in Northeast Wisconsin looking for jobs.

The now empty LME, Inc. site in Appleton sits in the 2200 block of West Spencer Street.

Only one car is left in the parking lot on Tuesday morning. It belongs to a now former employee who tells Action 2 News the sudden closure is shocking and unexpected.

Signs are evident of a quick exit in the office. Desks sit cleared out, and computer monitors are turned off with signs of unfinished work still visible on Post-It notes and invoices.

Action 2 News reached out to the Minnesota-based company for more information. While the menu options over the phone make it sound like everything is business as usual, we were forwarded immediately to a voicemail.

A statement from last Friday reads blames the sudden end of operations on "unforeseen circumstances."

Over 200,000 lbs. of undelivered freight was left in limbo at the Appleton location after LME, Inc. closed last week. Those products now sit piled in an abandon loading dock and in the the back of trailers that will soon be repossessed.

The employee Action 2 News spoke with returns to his former workplace this week to help get that freight where it needs to go. His work comes as he not only searches for a new job but is uncertain when he will see the money he earned in his final days with LME, Inc.

A second statement to employees on Sunday lets them know a lender now controls the company finances and must be paid in full before employees receive their checks.

That process is expected to take at least 90 days if not longer.