Kimberly students gain skills while constructing a gazebo for community

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KIMBERLY, Wis. (WBAY) - Kimberly High School students are braving the elements to give the community a gathering place as a construction site becomes the place for learning.

"It is better than being in a classroom as well, because you're out doing things, so it's not as bad," said Elizabeth Schimmers, a Kimberly High School junior.

Students are at work in downtown Kimberly building a gazebo at the new Memorial Park.

Schimmers sees herself using the skills in a future career.

"I just like how different it is, I just like how it's all hands on, you're not just sitting at a desk," said Schimmers.

This Building Construction 2 class usually takes on a community-based project.

Accomplishments in the past include a concession stand, covered learning center, and a garage.

Kimberly High School teacher Steven Masanz says the students are learning "showing up for work on time, working for the whole block that we have the students for, providing help when needing help, communicating with their peers."

Masanz, who's also the apprenticeship coordinator, hears what companies want in skilled-trade employees.

"We can teach them our technical skills, our culture, how we do things," Masanz said. "It's that employability things they need to have before they come to us, they don't want to have to teach. So that's what my goal right now is to grade these guys on how they're doing from employability skills to make sure they're ready for the next step."

Gaining valuable experience in an enjoyable way

"We always try to have fun out here," said Schimmers.

The plan is to have the gazebo done by January 19, since that is the last day the student workers will be available as it marks the the end of the semester.

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