Kimberly NewPage Mill redevelopment project in full swing

Published: Aug. 10, 2017 at 4:49 PM CDT
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Back in March, Action Two News shared that Kimberly was confident redevelopment would begin sometime this year on the former NewPage Mill site.

The village bought the property after other plans fell through, some eight years after the mill shut down.

Parts of the former NewPage Mill site are busy with construction workers building roads, a sewer system, and a framework for high end town homes, apartments, and restaurants.

"To make it basically, builder ready for when the developers come on board," said Danielle Block, Kimberly Village Administrator.

Two developers have already come on board.

Midwest Expansion Company plans to build apartments and a restaurant on the riverfront.

Integrity is building a custom town home complex called Papermill Estates.

"It's not something that we really have a lot of in our entire area, as far as the riverfront development and redeveloping in an existing area,” Rich Van Sistine of Integrity Construction said “We're just very excited to be a part of it.”

The village has borrowed $13 million dollars for the project along with creating a Tax Increment District, allowing it to capture property taxes that come from the project.

Kimberly says it's a smart investment in an important area.

"I think historically this area has meant a lot to the residents of Kimberly, everybody has a story about the old mill site, has memories of the mill site," said Block.

Integrity is planning to start construction of the Papermill Estates in September.