Kids find needle at a Green Bay park near school

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A mom in Green Bay was alarmed after kids in her neighborhood found a needle at a nearby park. She said this is not the first time it's happened and wants other parents to be aware. Her story prompted us to ask police what to do if you see one.

Missy Snyder said her kids often play at Fort Howard Park in Green Bay and they go to school right next door at Jefferson Elementary School. It was her daughter's friend who found the needle.

“She told me there was a needle, found and I got in the car and came over here to see what was going on and I got approached by many children, that were here, and they were saying that there was another child that had actually touched the needle and was playing with it,” said Snyder.

Snyder was shocked and called police right away and now Green Bay police want everyone in the community to be on alert.

“If you would happen to pick it up for some reason, don't try to recap the needle, that's when we have a lot of our needle pricks is when someone is trying to put the cap back on the needle,” said Lt. Jeff Brester from the Green Bay Police Department.

Lt. Brester said he's surprised this hasn't happened more often but the last recorded incident in Green Bay happened back in April.

“Thankfully it hasn't happened often in the city so far, but obviously with the use of heroin recently in the area, it's probably going to happen more often where people not only kids but people will be finding used needles in some public spaces,” said Lt. Brester.

If you see one, he said, don't touch it but let a community officer know.

Snyder said as a mom, she hopes other parents will talk to their kids too.

“I think that's a good thought and good idea that maybe we should educate them a little more and props to the ones that came to me first and said hey you need to come here but there were some that didn't know not to do that,” said Snyder.