Kewaunee County switching to new emergency alert system

KEWAUNEE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - People living and working in Kewaunee County will rely on a new system for emergency alerts about impending weather, a missing person, or other critical incidents.

If you live in Kewaunee County you may have used the CodeRed system for alerts, but now you need to sign up for a new one.

“It had some options that CodeRed did not offer, so it was just something that was offered to us,” said Tracy Nollenberg with Emergency Management in Kewaunee County.

The new system, powered by Smart911, is also a free service. It fully replaces CodeRed.

“It helps the community by being signed up so in any event that a disaster occurs in our county, whether it's weather just anything that can go on in the county, it allows them to get a notification if they want it by text, email or to receive that phone call,” said Nollenberg.

Nollenberg said a system like the new one they are switching over to saves critical time, especially when you're not able to hear outdoor emergency sirens.

“It's been very successful in the fact that in the evening hours people have gotten messages in regards to let's say don't go outside because there's something going on, we had freezing water pipes, people got the messages that way,” said Nollenberg.

The new system has a way to reach more people throughout the county because it offers alerts in multiple languages unlike the system they had before.

To get more information and sign up for the text, email or landline phone alert system go on the Kewaunee County website.

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