Kewaunee County urges people not to drive

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KEWAUNEE, Wis. (WBAY) - Kewaunee County was one of the areas seeing the most snowfall Wednesday. The two words to describe the weather as the sun went down: Blowing and drifting.

Flag blowing in snowstorm

We experienced white knuckle driving in the county. The highway commissioner said there were 13 plows and three graders on the road. No doubt they're busy.

Highway 29 was blustery, and it seemed plows couldn't possibly keep up.

"That's the best advice right now: If you don't have to leave the house, definitely stay at home until the plows come through and clear the roads. If you have to be out, make sure you slow down and take your old and leave early. That's a piece of advice for every snowstorm," Highway Commissioner Todd Every said.

But Every has confidence in local drivers.

"We do have storms throughout the year that cause us a little bit more issues along the lakeshore with the easterly winds, depending on the storms, and I think the people around here are used to driving in it, so that they are aware that when it storms like this that they need to be a little bit safer and slow down."

How was the wind? The highway commissioner says Kewaunee expects six- to eight-foot waves on Lake Michigan.

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