Keeping the community warm this winter

HOBART, Wis. (WBAY) -- As the holidays draw nearer, law enforcement from across Northeast Wisconsin are banding together, to spread holiday cheer within the community.

Saturday morning, the Anna John Resident Centered Care Community parking lot was filled – with squad cars from across Northeast Wisconsin, as a dozen departments came together to give back.

That includes the likes of the Brown County Sheriff's Office, Hobart Police Department, Menominee Tribal Police Department, Oneida Police Department, Shiocton Police Department, Manitowoc Police Department, Black Creek Police Department, and several students studying to be law enforcement officers.

“A lot of times holidays aren't very wonderful for people, they're not a good time. They're a sad time,” says Officer Matthew Ninham, Shiocton Police Department. “So I just thought, "Hey, why don't we get together with area community members, local law enforcement, emergency personnel, and see if we can make some fleece blankets?’”

That’s why officers, emergency responders and community members alike came to Hobart on Saturday, tying blanket after blanket – all in the name of community.

“Blankets [are] comforting. Everyone can always use a blanket,” says Officer Latsi Hill, Oneida Police Department. “It's just a good gift to give, and it's a useful gift.”

In its seventh year, the group is making 157 blankets that will be donated to nursing homes, foster care, children’s hospitals and homeless shelters.

“To people who are really struggling, living tough lives, living in trauma, them getting a special gift like that could mean the world to them,” Officer Hill says. “The kids will always remember that. That's the impact that we're trying to make.”

Onedia Officers will also keep several blankets in their squad cars, to hand out as random acts of kindness.