Kayak Trails Planned in Manitowoc County

TWO RIVERS, Wis. (WBAY) It's the next phase in the City of Two Rivers new mantra to "Turn our face back to the water."

Wildlife on the West Twin River had some company today.

Employees from Woodland Dunes Nature Center jumped in kayaks to promote the development of a new canoe-kayak trail system between the West and East Twin Rivers.

"It really is putting a new emphasis on that water as a lot of the industrial uses have gone away and the community has a chance to recapture public access to, and enjoyment of, those river corridors," says Two Rivers City Manager Greg Buckley.

The trail system on the two rivers will have a number of designated launch and landing sites, as well as signage to show places of interest to stop along the way.

It's the lakeshore community's most recent effort to reconnect with its waterfront.

"We've done pretty extensive improvements along the downtown riverfront, of course our beach is one of the jewels of Northeast Wisconsin and just very recently our city council has taken action indicating the city wants to acquire five acres of the former Hamilton industrial site, waterfront, again for public access," says Buckley.

Buckley says nature-based activities enhance residents quality of life and attract tourism, and Two Rivers is lucky.

"That's a huge asset this community has and so we are now looking to turn our face back to that water and take full advantage of it as a community resource, and packaging those attractions and helping people realize that with beaches, bike trails, river trails, the natural environment, this is a bona fide destination," says Buckley.