Kaukauna father warns of college admissions exam scam

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KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WBAY) - A warning from a Kaukauna father who believes he was targeted by scammers claiming to be able to help his daughter with her college entrance exams.


Dallas Britt is preparing to send his sixth and youngest child off to college. His daughter, Andi, is a junior at Kaukauna High School.

So when a man who claimed to be from the PSAT testing program called earlier this week, saying he was working with Kaukauna High School and the district, Britt was interested in what the man had to say.

"I knew my daughter had just gone through some practice testing and stuff and said that the students were given the opportunity, if the students wanted to, they could request assistance with study materials, practice materials and stuff, and Andi had requested that, but before they could anything they had to get approval from a parent," says Britt.

According to Britt, the man on the phone offered copies of written study guides as well as access to online tutoring and some computer CDs.

He said the material would be sent to the Britt's, free of charge, for 30 days. But, when the man on the phone told Britt, he would be charged more than $230 upfront, only to have the money refunded when the materials were returned after 30 days, he became a little suspicious.

"Honestly, they were so good at it," Britt says. "If they had just asked for my card number to secure it, they didn't ask for any money and just say this way we can charge your card if the items aren't returned, I might have done it. They were that good."

The Better Business Bureau tells Action 2 News the call Britt received sounds like other complaints it's heard about, but with a twist on the payment option.

Britt says he took his concerns to the Kaukauna School District which reports no similar complaints, but the superintendent says this a good reminder for parents to talk with their kids and research what they are buying into.

Superintendent Mark Duerwaechter adds, "Before you make any purchases, give our high school Student Services a call and we can help with the review of the materials."

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