Kaukauna bus company seeks drivers, offers test drives

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KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WBAY) - With the start of school fast approaching, a local bus company is trying to recruit amid a shortage of drivers.

So they found a unique way to spark interest.

While most hiring fairs aren't hands-on, one held Wednesday at Kobussen Buses in Kaukauna might be the rare exception as the company attempts to generate excitement and fill job vacancies by allowing potential applicants to take a test drive.

Owner Dan Kobussen said, "There's a shortage of all drivers. There's a shortage of all employees, I guess you can say, with unemployment as it is today. So yeah, we're looking for a few extra drivers to take on a few extra routes that we have."

Those who went for a test drive were restricted to stay within an obstacle course set up in the parking lot.

Both big and smaller buses were options.

"We kind of have the mentality of holding them by the hand and say, 'Hey look, you're a stay at home mom, you can do this.' We encourage people throughout the whole process. You can do this. It's a hands-on approach that we have so people don't get discouraged," said Henrique Hilgenberg, a member of the bus company's safety team.

Kobussen Buses holds an open house like this once a year to give people a chance to see the buses up close, and if they're comfortable behind the wheel and if they're interested in a job, the company covers the cost of all training.

"You need to get a CDL (commercial drivers license), so there's a drug screen and a physical that goes along with that, but we do all the training for that and pay for all of that. So a clean driving record, must be 21," added Kobussen.

The company has 21 locations across the state and a variety of shifts open, with options to work either morning or afternoon.