Kaukauna boy runs in first Turkey Trot to support nonprofits

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - More than 7,000 people participated in Appleton’s annual Turkey Trot Thursday morning.

2019 Turkey Trot in Appleton (WBAY photo)

For one of those runners, the 5-mile trek wasn’t about fitness, it was about supporting nonprofits.

12-year-old Jesse McComb looked like a pro as he warmed up for Appleton’s Turkey Trot with his sister, Elashia.

“I like running because it’s actually pretty good for you,” said Jesse.

But this is only Jesse’s second time participating in a running event.

“I’ve been trying to encourage him to do this,” said Michelle McComb.

Michelle says her son Jesse, who has autism, has struggled with other sports in the past because competitions can stress him. But Jesse doesn’t let it stop him.

“It could get in the way of some things but not all,” said Jesse.

“When he found out that this was going to be for raising money he was all in to do this,” said Michelle.

"All in" to support others in need.

This year’s run supports both the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club.

“I feel good about doing good choices and helping people out,” said Jesse.

Michelle even posted about Jesse’s plan to run in the Turkey Trot on Facebook, to drum up some community encouragement.

“It was really great, people were really sweet,” said Michelle.

When the race began, Jesse was ready. He, along with the thousands of others were off to good start. He took some breaks along the way, but ultimately Jess finished strong.

And he plans to do more runs for charity in the future.

“It just makes me really proud,” said Michelle. “He's such a sweet boy, he loves everyone, he'd do everything he possibly could to help anyone out."

Jesse plans to participate in more runs in the future to support as many charities as he can.