KGB friends make contentious court appearance in gun case

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(WBAY Photo)(WBAY)
Published: Jan. 7, 2020 at 10:44 AM CST
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Two men described as followers of former Green Bay Packer Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila made a contentious appearance in court Tuesday in connection to an incident at a Green Bay church.

Ryan DeSmith, 22, and Jordan Salmi, 24 made initial appearances in front of Court Commissioner Cynthia Vopal in Brown County.

Both men are charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, and Disorderly Conduct. They were arrested Dec. 17 after showing up armed with loaded pistols to a Christmas pageant at Assembly of God Church. KGB, a Hewbrew Israelite, says he does not approve of his children being in a Christmas pageant.

for details from criminal complaints filed against Salmi and DeSmith.

DeSmith was called before the commissioner first. He did not have an attorney. He refused to answer the commissioner's questions.

COMMISSIONER: “Do you plan on hiring an attorney?”

DESMITH: "I don't understand what you're saying. I don't speak your language. I only speak man-to-man.”

Commissioner Vopal informed DeSmith that she would enter "not guilty" pleas on DeSmith's behalf.

DESMITH: "If you enter a plea on my behalf you will be held fully liable."

Vopal informed DeSmith that his case would be sent to circuit court and be heard by Judge Beau Liegeois. She asked if he was OK with Liegeois hearing the case.

DESMITH: "Who are you?"

COMMISSIONER: "I'm the court commissioner, I'm in charge of hearing this introductory hearing in the court."

She again informed DeSmith that he had rights to ask for judicial substitution if he had an issue with Judge Liegeois.

DESMITH: "Who are you?"

COMMISSIONER: "Sir, we don't have time for this. I have a courtroom full of people."

DESMITH: "I'm not a sir. I am man."

Vopal set DeSmith's signature bond at $2,500. As a condition of bond, DeSmith can have no contact with the church and can possess no weapons.

DeSmith refused to sign the bond paper. The bailiff instructed him to leave. DeSmith walked out and gave fist bumps to KGB and friends sitting in the first row of the commissioner's room.

Next up was Jordan Salmi. The bailiff addressed him as "sir" and asked him to have a seat.

SALMI: "I'm not a sir. Let it be known this day for I am man Jordan Salmi am in a state of man ..."

That was enough for the commissioner and bailiff. The bailiff told Salmi to leave immediately.

KGB spoke with Action 2 News. He said he was pleased with the outcome of the hearing.

"We didn't accept service. We're not accepting to be handled like slaves," said KGB. "We do have rights, and they recognize that."

KGB continued, "We have our own system. We have our own constitution called the Holy Bible, the Torah, the prophets, the epistles, so that's what we use. You guys call it the Holy Bible, King James version. That's our constitution," said KGB. "We are lawful people. We have our own constitution. We have our own commandments. We have our own statutes, and we have a right, according to the constitution, to free exercise those things. So we're not hurting anybody."

KGB says they carry guns for protection. He says the case against Salmi and DeSmith has more to do with their association with him.

"They just got associated because of my situation. They had nothing to do with guns. That was just a by-product of being related to me," said KGB.

KGB's children attend Providence Academy. The school has been granted a restraining order against KGB, Salmi and DeSmith.

KGB, Salmi and DeSmith are members of Straitway Truth. The church website says they are a nation of Hebrew Israelites who are obedient to Yah.

Salmi and DeSmith filed several notices with the court prior to the Jan. 7 hearing. Action 2 News has obtained the documents.

to view the notices.

"i:man here today to settle any debts i:man owe to man, any man or woman who interferes with rights of i:man bears all liability," reads one of DeSmith's notices.

In another notice, DeSmith writes, "i wish to settle this matter in the private." He claims because he was on private property the charge should be civil instead of criminal.

Salmi writes, "i:man am an idiot before the court and am not part of the legal society i:man only speak man to man, layman's terms only."

He also asks to settle the case in "private."

DeSmith later signed his signature bond and was scheduled to return to court Friday, Jan. 10. Salmi is scheduled to return to court on Jan. 28.