Juror from Dassey Case: Should be a new trial

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Originally published January 18, 2016 The fascination and discussion surrounding the Netflix docu-series, ‘Making a Murderer’ continues and Monday, a juror from Brendan Dassey’s trial spoke out.

Robert Covington served on that jury. He says now, with the case getting international attention, he wants the public to know that he believes Avery and Dassey had something to do with Teresa Halbach’s death, but that Dassey should get a new trial.

“He could’ve been pressured into doing this,” said Covington, “I don’t know whether he did it or not.”

Speaking with our sister station in Madison, WKOW, Robert Covington says he and another juror saw issues with Brendan Dassey’s confession.

He says Dassey needed help explaining himself during the trial.

“I think he would need somebody to be with him, and kind of talk for him to help him talk for himself and make decisions,” said Covington.